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ray ban sunglasses outlet sale The brand's next line and In the infrared green watermelon tourmaline is also more precious; In addition, the cat's eye belongs to the top grade tourmaline. Clarity tourmaline requirements crystal clear, the more transparent the better the quality, do not have obvious fog or opaque. Tourmaline more brittle nature, prone to cracks, if the interior will contain a large number of inclusions and cracks exist, will affect the transparency of the tourmaline, color and fire color, and very pure tourmaline is very rare, belonging to the top grade. Cut the tourmaline cut, refers to the accuracy of its cutting ratio and modified after the completion of the perfect, a good cut should be as much as possible reflect the tourmaline color, brightness, fire color and special optical effects. Carat weight The weight of the tourmaline is calculated in carat. In the case of other conditions similar to the increase with the weight of tourmaline, its value was geometric progression; the same weight tourmaline, because of color, clarity discount ray ban sunglasses

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ray ban outlet cut the difference between the value of far. In each of the different sizes and shapes, the most important thing is to find a suitable size and style will make you like tourmaline. Special optical effect Cat's eye tourmaline, tourmaline in the original stone in the formation of a group of parallel slit or needle-like inclusions, cut into arc type, visible cat's eye effect, red, green, blue cat's eye tourmaline more precious, other colors tourmaline cat's eye effect less. Xiaobian is a professional NGTC jewelry quality inspector, share Cai Bao knowledge, carefully appreciate the beautiful, beautiful natural porter, bring you the most beautiful and delicate natural jewelry, free identification color treasure, plus WeChat cmzb66 London men's week to the second day of the show, after the breakdown of the first day of the experimental wave, the focus of the second day of focus on the color of the Application. Spring and summer has always been a season full of color, and men as ** creatures, designers have also been found hidden long thought. ray ban sunglasses outlet store

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cheap ray ban sunglasses outlet The gemstones, which are hidden in the rainbow, shine with the brilliance of the rainbow, known as the 'Tourmaline', later known as 'the rainbow of human beings'. Many colors of tourmaline, but can not be used to describe it warmly. Colorful and calm introverted, always reveals a noble and elegant bones. Tourmaline is the birthday stone in October, because her colorful variety of colors, so you can easily make people have a happy joy and freedom of feeling, and can open up people's mind and vision. Tourmaline can also inspire creativity, bring unlimited inspiration and thoughts. But also can emit affinity magnetic field, for attractive people, naturally can attract more people to move closer to you, and can melt the gap between people. Color tourmaline in red, blue, green is more expensive. In the selection of inlaid tourmaline, the red, blue, green as well, require uniform color gorgeous; and more valuable is the same tourmaline on two or more colors appear, that is, two-color tourmaline or multi-color tourmaline ray ban sunglasses factory outlet